Welcome to IndigoSoul Healing

Are you fatigued, directionless, in need of some tender loving care?
Do you ever feel stuck, heavy, blocked?
You may or may not know this but we are all made of energy. Our energy is what gets us up in the morning and keeps us going.  We are always taught about looking after our physical bodies, but to be a whole balanced human being, we need to take care of our energetic self.  To give you an analogy you might understand, its like the electricity running your house. Without it you would just be an empty shell. If your electricity stops working for whatever reason you would get a man or woman in to fix the flow of that electricity so you can run your house, charge your phone, watch TV.
So, why don’t more of us look after this part of ourselves?
In today’s society, there is a tonne of energy – radio waves, phone signals, radio and TV signals, noise, pollution – we all consume it, its always there and all of it affects our being.
Not, all of it is good energy and often you might find that your mood changes at the flick of a switch.  Ever you ever stepped on a train and just felt the despair and negativity of not another commute – or sat in a place that just felt sad, which in turn made you feel sad for no reason whatsoever?
What if we could all lighten up? Only emit good energy, can you imagine how much lighter the world would feel.
So why me? Why choose IndigoSoul healing?
Having just left my corporate job in the city – which was full of heavy, often negative energy, I realised that I am not alone in feeling like this. Which is why I felt guided to start my practice. My goal is to help others who want help and guidance, in balancing and managing their energetic being, ultimately helping them to de-stress and provide pointers on how clients can better help themselves.
My sessions are an infusion of Reiki, Crystal healing and Tarot – and I have found these systems to greatly improve my families and my life.  My aim is to help clients re-balance their energy through the Reiki, the ancient art of energy alignment and through crystal healing.
My personal journey started by back in 2016, when I answered the call and began to study holistic therapies and practices including the ‘Work your light course – by Rebecca Campbell– author of Rise Sister Rise’, Reiki 1 and 2, crystal healing diplomas, Bach flower remedies and angelic therapies.
I am so happy, that I am now able to offer this service to help those looking to take refuge from daily stress and re-align themselves. It is so easy to get caught up in the hive of day to day life, that we often forget to take stock and balance ourselves. Reiki, tarot and crystals have become part of my everyday – and it has changed my life for the better.
In these sessions, we will work through energy blocks and I will be the conduit for any guidance I am asked to impart.
Why not book an introductory session with me to see for yourself.